The Micro Equity Development Fund is a for-profit social enterprise that will provide micro-capital to small and medium businesses in developing countries in the form of equity and generate a return for investors while educating and empowering them with the knowledge to make their own informed investment decisions based on their self-determined personal risk profile.

Micro-entrepreneurs and socially-conscious middle-class investors can begin to fill the so-called "missing middle" in developing economies, resulting in more profitable businesses for the poor and the potential to earn a reasonable return for the investor.

Today, equity sources of capital are only available to one-billion people, and only those who can afford the fees of Investment Bankers. There are only one-billion people's worth of ideas that are being capitalized.

We plan to help capitalize the other five-billion people who may have ideas.
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Mission Statement

We will leverage the knowledge, expertise and resources of existing microfinance institutions to provide their clients with investment capital to take their businesses to the next level.
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Investors in the Fund will share in both the risk and success of businesses supported by the Fund.
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The Fund will provide both social and economic benefits to entrepreneurs and the communities in which they operate as well as the investors in the fund seeking to help alleviate poverty while earning a return.
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  • MEDF and RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited, Nigeria begin second deal in new professional photography services company!
  • Mark Wien, our CEO, wrote about the near future role of microequity. Read the full article here: Should micro-equity replace micro-loans?
  • The Micro Equity Development Fund (MEDF) is proud to announce the first licensing of our model to RegCharles Finance & Capital Limited (RFCNG) of Nigeria. We look forward to working with RFCNG to prove the viability of micro equity and the profound impact this new financial vehicle can have on growth, development, and ideally long-term job creation across the developing world. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with the RegCharles Team and are excited to begin the first pilots of our model. Please continue to follow our blog or news section of our site for updates.

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